Saturday, April 26, 2008

Your Product Costs Too Much

"Your product costs too much."

You ever notice who it is that
says that to you most often?

Who is it that thinks your
product costs too much?

I've been in the network marketing
industry for over 20 years...

I've built my businesses both ways -

Leading with the business, and

Leading with the product...

I have about 2,000 customers right now.

You know who it is that tells me
my product "costs too much"?

It's the MLMers.

Not the consumers.

The MLMers.

When you build your business focusing
on bringing in MLMers, your business
is built on shifting sand.

The MLMer doesn't want your product.

The MLMer wants to be a millionaire
without buying anything...

(Or doing anything for that matter.)

You can have the MLMers.

Give me a real customer any day.

A customer who wants my product
because it is a good product.

You can make money with MLMers.

Just always remember, the MLMers are
just passing through your business.

But your customers stay.

Want real residual income?

Customers create real residual income.

MLMers create temporary income, or at best,
"ongoing" income, but not residual income.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

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Deb DeGrande said...

So true Mike! Good article!