Saturday, April 12, 2008

SeaAloe Shipping and Handling Is FREE

Update: As of 7/01/08 SeaAloe is charging
a minimal below-cost shipping charge.

SeaAloe ships your order to you by
UPS ground at NO CHARGE to you.

This is HUGE.


It helps keep your product cost down
which means MORE PROFIT for you.


for you and your customers!

SeaAloe also has a shipping facility
on the West Coast and one on the
East Coast.

This means you and your customers
get their product orders FAST.

Many other companies only
ship out of one location.

This is great if you happen
to live near there...

If you happen to live on the other
side of the country, however...

It can take a LONG TIME
to get your order!

SeaAloe wants you to

get your order FAST.

SeaAloe is always looking for ways
to better serve their customers.

Mike Stokes Media Group
SeaAloe Distributors

(The Original Seasilver Formula)

SeaAloe Liquid Vitamins

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