Monday, September 29, 2008

SeaAloe Retail-To-Recruit Business System

Lead With The Product While Selling "The Dream"

If the product doesn't make sense,
the business won't either.

Your goal is to develop a
culture of "products first".

This will protect your business
and secure your future because
business has a natural rhythm:

Up and down.

So, you need to anchor to the
strength of your product!

This will stabilize your organization even
when you experience rough waters.

In contrast to MLM, take a look at McDonalds...

With McDonalds, every franchise owner can
potentially be successful, and most are.

McDonalds works because
the fundamental business unit,
the single store, makes a profit...

So, the other stores
(as in, your downline)
are profitable too.

Your typical MLM company is
promoting a sales process
that fundamentally loses money.

Let me explain...

For "the rest of the story," go to:

Give me a call and let's talk
about getting customers...

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor
(225) 218-1469

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Choose the SeaAloe Business

There are a lot of home based businesses
to choose from today.

Most of them won't work for you.

(You may have already found that out!)

I've been a few businesses that didn't work out myself.

Losing money on a home based business is bad enough,
but the self-esteem and self-confidence you lose is even

more costly.

In most cases it wasn't your fault
that your business didn't work out.

Most people that start a home based business
just don't have the real life experience to know

what to look for in a business because no one
has shown them and they've just never done it

Then, you "join" some "business opportunity"
and the first thing you learn is the company
has it's hand out for your money...

And your upline has his hand out...

And they're overcharging you for:

- Products
- Shipping and Handling
- Brochures
- CDs and DVDs
- Websites
- Tools
- Training
- Leads
- Anything and Everything...

I could go on and on,
don't get me started.

You'd think they'd want to
help you build a business...

But, all they want is your money because
they don't have any REAL CUSTOMERS!

You and other unknowing distributors
ARE the ONLY customers...

And they need to bleed you dry before you find out!

I know, I been there too...

Well, there is one company that puts
the independent distributor first.

That company is

What does Sea Aloe offer that the other companies don't?

Well, here are just a few things:

=> A proven product that is not some bizarre concoction
that only the aborigines in the Amazon knew about until
some lost MLMer "discovered" it and brought to Western

=> A proven product that regular people actually want and buy.

=> A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee to back it up.

=> A customer friendly company that takes care of YOUR customers.

=> Very low shipping and handling on products.

=> FREE shipping and handling on tools, CDs, DVDs and brochures.

=> Very low cost on tools, CDs, DVDs, and brochures.

=> FREE New Distributor Kit.

=> FREE e-commerce website.

=> You can get paid weekly.

=> And lots more

(This post is getting too long, I'll cover more later.)

SeaAloe is a product focused company,
NOT a money game like many other
home business "opportunities".

Check the SeaAloe business out for yourself.

Go to -


Call me with any questions you may have.

I'm an ex-motel desk clerk that makes
a real good living marketing SeaAloe.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 218-1469
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Inc.

Friday, September 26, 2008

SeaAloe Radio Infomercial Co-Op

The Sea Aloe Radio Infomercial Co-Op is ready!

More details on the Infomercial Co-Op were
announced on the weekly conference call.

If you plan on participating in the Infomercial Co-Op,
you need to listen to the recording of this call.

You can hear the replay at -

SeaAloe Infomercial Co-Op Call

Here are a few of the details of the Co-Op:

=> You must be on the Premier Pak autoship

=> You can enroll beginning on October 1 at
noon Pacific Time in your back office.

=> Enrollment for the first round will be from
10/1 - 10/5 and payment is due on 10/6.

=> The infomercial will begin airing on 10/13.

=> Co-Op shares are $400 for 4 weeks.

=> There is a two share maximum in the beginning
to make sure plenty of people can participate.

=> You will be able to get more shares later.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor
(225) 218-1469

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The SeaAloe Business System

"Confusion is a wonderful thing -
when you're not the one being confused."

=> Your competitors are confused.

They're calling up strangers and pitching
them on getting rich in a MLM pyramid.

=> You can get so far ahead of them
that they'll never catch up with you.

A REAL business does mainstream marketing
and develops REAL customers, not people to
"get in" that are looking to win the lottery.

=> You can profit by understanding
that this is a REAL business.

A REAL business has a REAL marketing plan
and SALES SYSTEM to find, sell and service

=> You can profit by taking ACTION.

Stop spinning your wheels calling up strangers
and get into a business that has a mainstream
RADIO and TV Infomercial Business System that
will produce buying customers FOR YOU.

Call me to learn more about the SeaAloe
Infomercial Business System

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SeaAloe Infomercial Business System

How would you like a FULLY AUTOMATED
Distribution Business that paid you
week in and week out?

That's exactly what you can have with the new
Sea Aloe Infomercial Business System.

The infomercials have already been
produced and approved, and will be
going live very soon.

Listen to this recorded call:

SeaAloe Infomercial Call

Then, give me a call so I can answer all
of your questions and show you
how you
can set up your own FULLY AUTOMATED

Infomercial Business System.

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469
SeaAloe Distributor

PS - I've already been running a FULLY AUTOMATED
SeaAloe marketing system for a year and a half,
so I already KNOW HOW to work this system.

SeaAloe Inc.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SeaAloe Hurricane Gustav Income

I'm a "full-time" SeaAloe distributor.

"Full-time" may not be the correct word,
because I do not WORK full-time, I make
a "full-time" living marketing SeaAloe.

I only "work" about an hour a week, because
I took the time a year and a half ago to set up
my business so that it runs on autopilot.

Anyway, with that said, I live in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana...

We were hit by a hurricane, Gustav,
on September 1, 2008.

We lost electricity for 14 days...

We lost Internet service for 12 days...

We lost land line phone service for days...

We lost long distance service for days...

Cell phone service was spotty...

Stores were closed, gasoline was in very short supply...

Many people were unable to work,
and as a result, had no income...

Anyway, things were difficult, to say the least.

I was totally out of contact with customers and
unable to see what was going on in my business.

Here's the punchline -

Every Wednesday I got a commission
check in the mail from Sea Aloe.

This was a real blessing.

Can you imagine how even more difficult
life would have been with no income in
such a trying time?

We had to buy a generator - $900.00

We had to buy 10 gallons of gas per day to run it.

We need lots of batteries for electric lanterns and radios.

We needed cash to help neighbors and our church.

And, with no ability to work, I still got paid because
I had set up a simple little home-based
business a
year and a half ago.

I don't know where you live, and you may not
live in an area that gets hurricanes...

But, what about floods, tornadoes, ice storms,
forest fires, or earthquakes?

Or, in this day and age, your natural disaster
may be in the economic sector.

How secure is your job?

How would an extra $300 a month or $1,000 a month
or $10,000 a month, or even more change your peace
of mind and financial security?

The time to do something about your future is NOW.

Not AFTER disaster strikes.

If you need help in setting up a money system
that will pay you long after you do the work,
give me a call, I'll show you the ropes...

It's really easier than you think to set up.

And you DON'T have to call your friends and family
like the Amway guys and other MLMers.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
SeaAloe Distributor
(225) 218-1469

SeaAloe Inc.

Friday, September 19, 2008

SeaAloe Infomercials

SeaAloe has just announced that it will begin
running customer acquisition infomercials.

This is HUGE.

If you have never been involved in marketing
a product with radio and TV infomercials,
they are AWESOME.

MLM, or referral marketing, cannot match
mainstream advertising for results.

This is a completely auto-pilot turnkey
customer acquisition program.

Listen to the actual
SeaAloe infomercial
that will begin airing soon.

Call me for more information and to learn
how YOU can grab a piece of this action.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Inc.