Monday, June 30, 2008

SeaAloe: A Great "Plan B"

My parents told me, "Finish you dinner,
people in China and India are starving."

Now I tell my children, "Finish your homework,
people in China and India are starving for
your job."

- Thomas L Friedman, 3-Time Pulitzer Prize winner
You better have a Plan B...

SeaAloe is my Plan A.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Inc.

SeaAloe NEW Business Plan

Effective July 1, the SeaAloe business plan
is getting even better than it already was.

SeaAloe is the only business in the
network marketing arena that is truly

product focused and customer friendly.

And now, the business model just got
so good that even your grandma can
make money with it.

You can get in the business at your
comfort zone - just a $100 3-bottle
order and you're in business!

NO extra fees.

NO charge for a distributor kit.

NO charge for your own e-commerce website.

And, earn 25% - 37.5% on your sales.

You just can NOT find a better business.

Questions? Call me.

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469
SeaAloe Business Opportunity

If you don't do this, get a part-time job,
because you do need to do something.

SeaAloe Inc.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Know You Have a Real Business When...

Do you have a REAL business?

Or, are you just playing around?

Do you really believe that your business is for real?

I've found that most people in network marketing
do not treat their business like a REAL business.

And it shows...

In their attitudes, and in their RESULTS.

You know you have a REAL BUSINESS when:

You've set up a bookkeeping system because
you KNOW that you'll be needing to file a
tax return next April.

Do YOU have a bookkeeping system

in place for your business?

That tells a LOT about you.


Get a FREE Home Business Bookkeeping System at:

FREE Home Business Bookkeeping System

You REALLY KNOW that you have
a REAL business when:

You have an attorney set up a business entity
like an "LLC" to be the legal owner of your

This shows you really have something worth
protecting and passing on to your wife and
children later on (like when you die).

Think about these things...

Are you REALLY "in" business?

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blogs: What Are They?

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(This is a blog.)

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Blogger

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is Twitter?

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Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Understanding Social Media

Social Media in Plain English

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Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Understanding RSS Feeds

Business (the entire world for that matter)
is changing "at the speed of thought."

Keeping up can be very time-consuming.

One of the BEST tools I've found for
keeping up with what's going on in
the world, is an RSS feed and a "reader"

These tools can save you a LOT of TIME.

I'm technologically challenged,
so RSS seemed a mystery to me.

Here is a very simple explanation of RSS and "readers."

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Mike Stokes