Monday, March 31, 2008

SeaAloe Business Tip: Are You Set Up To Receive?

Are You Set Up To Receive?

We all want our SeaAloe business to take off,
don't we?

But, are you ready if it does take off?

And orders start pouring in today?

1. Do you have a PayPal account so that
you can accept credit card payments?

You will get a LOT MORE sales if you can
take credit cards. In fact, you will LOSE
a LOT of sales if you can't.

2. Do you have shipping supplies to ship SeaAloe
when you get orders for your personal inventory?

What you will need to be set up to ship is:

- Flat-Rate USPS Priority Mail shipping boxes (Free from the USPS)
- USPS Priority Mail Shipping Labels (Free from the USPS)
- USPS Delivery Confirmation Tags (Free from the USPS)
- Packing "peanuts"
- Packing tape

3.Do you have Brochures and CDs with your

contact informationon them to hand out,
and to put in all of your packages,
and for information packs?

You need to spread these things around...

And never, I mean never, give out a piece
of literature or information that doesn't
have YOUR name and contact info on it.

4.Do you have business cards?

(You're not really in business if
you don't have business cards.)

5. Do you have your own domain
name for your SeaAloe website?

Your SeaAloe website is your storefront.

You need YOUR name on it.

6. Do you have a SeaAloe customer follow-up system?

Whenever you make a sale, you should send a Thank You note
to your customer. You can either send a post card, or a
pre-printed letter with your business card and a brochure.

7. Do you have a SeaAloe customer database system?

I just use 4X6 index cards, and put all of my customer's
contact information, order history, follow-up notes, etc.
on them and keep them in an alpha-sorted file box.

If you're hi-tech, you could do this on your computer.

8. Do you have a bookkeeping system set up
for your SeaAloe business?

If you don't, can you really be in business?

You can get a FREE SeaAloe Business Bookkeeping System at:

FREE Home Business Bookkeeping System

9. Do you have invoices for when health food stores or
other businesses purchase SeaAloe from you directly?

Individuals don't necessarily need an invoice,
but a business does.

10. Do you have sufficient SeaAloe inventory
on hand so that when a customer orders SeaAloe
from you, you can fulfill the order immediately?

We're living in a microwave society now,
people won't wait for things. You can lose
sales if you can't deliver immediately.

11. Do you have a file cabinet or box?

A real business generates records:

- Receipts
- Correspondence
- Documents
- Invoices
- Bonus Statements
- Accounting records
- Tax files
- And so on...

Plus, you need a place to keep your
brochures and things like that...

You want all of your business stuff
in one place.

A file box or "box office" they are sometimes
called will do for most home businesses.

This is a portable file storage box
that will fit under your desk.

And, you can toss it in your car when
you head to the beach or mountains for
a couple of weeks if you want to keep
up with your business while vacationing.

With your laptop, cell phone and file box,
you have a "portable empire."

So, are you really in business?

Or, are you just pretending to be?

Get the stuff on the list and start making money
with your SeaAloe business.

Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

SeaAloe Is Customer Friendly

You ever think about the hoops most
network marketing companies make
their customers jump through just to

buy their products?

What's up with that?

You have a great product,
that really helps people.

People want what you have...

But let's face reality here people:

Most people DO NOT want

to be in a business.

But, if your product is good, many
will want to purchase it...

The fact is:

Way more people will want to buy your product
that will want to sell your product.

IF you don't make it too difficult.

Think about it...

Say you want some vitamin C or something.

So you go online or to a local store to buy it.

Do they make you pay a "sign up fee" and
buy a "distributor kit" when all you want is

some vitamin C?

Most network marketing companies make

you pay a fee for the "privilege" of buying
their products.

Do they have one price for "distributors"...

Another price for "preferred customers"...

Another price for "retail customers"...

Maybe another price altogether if you're on "autoship"?

Many network marketing companies have prices
all over the board
, you'd need to be a rocket
scientist to figure out your price.

Do you have to be on "autoship" just to even
have the privilege of buying their products?

Is their autoship written in stone, and they

only ship on the 1st of the month, or
sometime at their convenience?

Do you have to buy a certain amount every month
just for the privilege of buying their stuff?

I know one major network marketing company that
you can't even order from them unless you commit
to buy so much a month and be on autoship.

Do you have to buy a case, when you don't want that much?

I know of another major network marketing company
that you have to buy 48 bottles at a time to get a

decent price!

Did these people just come in
the pumpkin patch or what?

Here's the deal...

Most network marketing companies

are NOT customer driven

They are "distributor" driven.


Because most network marketing companies

Nobody is buying their product except
the "distributors"...

And the only reason they're buying them
is to earn a commission on the pyramid
of other people that they hope to "recruit"
into their pyramid...

And the whole deal is just a money game,
because no one is really selling the product
because no one really wants it!

That's why common business sense and
customer service does not prevail in
these companies.

SeaAloe IS customer friendly.

The SeaAloe formula had been a

customer favorite for 14 years.

One product - 14 years.

They must be doing something right!

SeaAloe is a customer driven business.

NO "sign up" fee - ever.

NO "distibutor kit" to buy - ever.

SAME PRICE for customers and distributors.

Auto-Delivery at YOUR CONVENIENCE, not ours.


REAL PEOPLE - real customers, not just SeaAloe distributors,
actually buy SeaAloe.

SeaAloe distributors focus on customers,
not pyramid building.

SeaAloe treats their customers like
they would like to be treated.

A SeaAloe business is a real business for real people.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Business Training

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The SeaAloe Auto-Ship Program

SeaAloe Auto-Delivery is for YOUR convenience,
not ours...

How is the SeaAloe auto-ship (or auto-delivery)
UNIQUE and TOTALLY BETTER than any other

in the entire industry?

Good question.

Here's the answer, plain and simple:

If you've ever been involved with network marketing,
either as a customer or as a distributor, you're most
likely familiar with "auto-ship" or "auto delivery."

You also may have noticed, that in just about
every other network marketing company that

offers autoship (and that would be ALL of them)...

The auto-ship is set up for the convenience
of the company, NOT YOURS.

You HAVE TO get a set amount of product each
and every month, WHETHER YOU NEED IT or


(And it's just about ALWAYS MORE


You HAVE TO be on auto-ship in order to get
a decent price on your products.

You HAVE TO get your product on the SAME DAY
every month, WHETHER YOU NEED IT or NOT.

Wouldn't you just like to be able to pick up
the phone, and call the company and say,

"Hey, I don't need my case of product on the
first this month, please move my auto-ship
back to the 22nd of the month."

Why is that?

I think it's because most network marketing
companies do not have REAL CUSTOMERS,

they only have "distributors" buying their
products to qualify for commissions.

(They don't really want the products.)

So, they don't have to have a "customer service
mentality" or focus.

SeaAloe is different...

SeaAloe has REAL CUSTOMERS who actually buy
the product because they actually want it.

And, SeaAloe treats their customers like
they want and deserve to be treated...

Not like an inconvenience to be tolerated
but not catered to.

And that is good.

While having a regularly scheduled auto-ship date
works fine for business building distributors...

Customers have their own needs and priorities.

Auto delivery should be a convenience to the customer,
not a "requirement" or burden.

And, the customer should be REWARDED

for being on auto-delivery, and not penalized
for not being on it.

Customize Your Auto-Delivery

YOU DECIDE the shipping interval according to YOUR usage.

You want us to ship your order every month?


Every 28 days?
Every 90 days?
Once a year?

OK, whatever you want.

You want the flexibility to change
your shipping interval whenever
you want or need to?


You need your order sooner?


You need your order later?


You need to cancel?

OK. No problem.

Just call...

NO hassles.
NO paperwork to mail or fax in.
NO waiting period.
NO penalties.
NO nothing.

Just whatever YOU want,

whenever YOU need it.

It's as flexible as YOU need it to be.

SeaAloe will even send you a reminder by email

3 days before your auto-delivery processes just
in case you need to make any changes...

No surprises here.

You want to be REWARDED for your product loyalty?


SeaAloe rewards your loyalty with FREE SeaAloe.

It just doesn't make any sense not
to be on SeaAloe Auto-Delivery.

Be sure to ask about SeaAloe's Auto-Delivery Program
the next time you call.


Mike Stokes
(888) 937-7103
(800) 732-1150 Ext. 1

Order SeaAloe

SeaAloe Information

SeaAloe is the Original Seasilver formula.

SeaAloe is a great tasting liquid whole-food nutritional supplement containing over 80 nutrients and all essential amino acids. This product has been on the market for about 14 years, previously under the brand name Seasilver. SeaAloe is the same formula as the original Seasilver product.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

The SeaAloe Money Back Guarantee

You ever try to get your money
back from an MLM company?

Ha! Good luck...

SeaAloe is so confident that you and your customers
will love SeaAloe (the original Seasilver formula),
that they offer a 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guaranteed
of your entire purchase price of your initial

And we're not talking about "return the unused
product" for a refund less a "re-stocking" fee...

We're talking about, take the product
for 90 days
, drink it, use it, feel it...

Then, if you don't think SeaAloe is a great product,
let us know and we'll refund your purchase price
to the penny...

With NO hassles!

This is a better refund policy than
Eddie Bauer and Lands End!

(You at least got to return the
product for a refund with them.)

Don't even get me started on trying to
get a refund from your typical network
marketing company!

(Pack up your unused and un-opened and
still in original condition products and then
take them to UPS or the post office and then
spend your money shipping the unsatisfactry
product back and then wait until the new
millenium to get a credit on your credit card!)

Who needs this hassle?

At SeaAloe, you're more important to us than that.

We want you, and your customers, to be able to
try SeaAloe for a full 90 days, to be able to
see what SeaAloe can do, how you feel...

Without being in a rush worrying about the
refund grace period running out on you.

We're confident, that when you and/or
your customers try SeaAloe for 90 days,
you'll want to use it for life!

The SeaAloe 100% Money-Back Guarantee
is just one of the cornerstones of the SeaAloe


SeaAloe - it doesn't get any better than that!

Try SeaAloe, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Try a bottle or a 3-Pak of SeaAloe today.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SeaAloe Business Strategy

"Dead Downlines Don't Lie"

Are you tired of struggling?

Burned out from chasing "leads" every day?

If you're like most people in the industry,
you've found that recruiting is getting
tougher and tougher.

You have to talk to lots more people
than ever before...

You're chasing after people that just
aren't interested in your story.

Going to meetings that hardly
seem worth the bother.

If what you're doing isn't working,
maybe it's time to fix it.

What successful mainstream companies learned
a long time ago is that success in business
has a lot more to do with understanding the
"secrets" of marketing and little to do with
chasing after your child's soccer coach.

The network marketing industry is booming
for people that understand and practice
real business and marketing philosophies.

Imagine how you life would be different
if you had a steady stream of prospects
that were really interested in what you
have to offer and actually CALLED YOU.

Are you ready to quit spinning your wheels
and start building a real business that
you can really be proud of?

If you'd like to have complete control over
your business and recruiting process...

regardless of the "economy" or the "season"
or any other so-called "market condition,"

and put an end to the endless frustration
and humiliation once and for all...

I have a 25-page Cash Flow Strategy that
I'm giving my readers for FREE.

Don't worry, there's NO opt-in form
or autoresponder attached to bug

you for the rest of your natural life...

Just a FREE report that will show you how to
finally make money in network marketing.

Get The Cash Flow Strategy now.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

"It's never to late to be
what you might have been."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SeaAloe Business Building: 40 Strategies That Work

Here are 40 ways to build your SeaAloe business:

(In no particular order.)

1. Warm Market
2. Buying Leads
3. Direct Mail
4. Home Meetings
5. Product Sampling
6. Hotel Meetings
7. 3-Way Calls
8. "3-Foot Rule"
9. Post Cards
10. Opportunity Calls
11. Advertising Co-Ops
12. Asking For Referrals
13. Email Marketing
14. Article Marketing
15. Ezine Advertising
16. Pay Per Click Advertising
17. "Drop" Cards
18. Bulletin Board Flyers
19. "Sizzle" Lines
20. Tele-Seminars
21. Newspaper Classified Ads
22. Banner Ads
23. Press Releases
24. Car Magnets/Decals
25. Flea Markets
26. Trade Shows
27. eBay
28. Social Networking
29. Online Classified Ad Sites
30. BNI
31. Chamber of Commerce
32. Yard Signs
33. Blogs
34. Health Food Stores
35. Fish Bowls
36. Radio Ads
37. TV Ads
38. Free Reports
39. Funded Proposals
40. Magazine Ads

41. Craigslist

Oops, I'm over my title number...

This just goes to show you that this

is by no means a complete list...

There are hundreds of ways to build

a profitable SeaAloe business!

Pick one way, or several ways,

and go for it.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

SeaAloe Business Information

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SeaAloe Business Building: 5 Key Questions

1. HOW MANY appointments did I set on the phone today?

2. HOW MANY new contacts did I meet and add to my list of prospects?

3. HOW MANY referrals did I get today?

4. HOW MANY personal customers did I acquire today?

5. HOW MANY appointments did I do for my SeaAloe organization today?

These are "the numbers" that count.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Business Information

Monday, March 3, 2008

SeaAloe Business Building: The Main Thing

Keep the main thing the main thing.

What is the main thing?

How many times was "the story" told
on your behalf by an event, a CD or
DVD, or someone else in your organization.

"The story" is your story, your company's
story, or a product story...

The more times "the story" is told,
the great is your success.

What is your SeaAloe story?

SeaAloe Business Information

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
SeaAloe Distributor

Sunday, March 2, 2008

SeaAloe Business Building: Focus

Take your focus off of your product and opportunity.

Put your focus on the possible changes
in your prospect's life.

A SeaAloe business can change lives.

It changed mine and my family's.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

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