Sunday, March 30, 2008

SeaAloe Is Customer Friendly

You ever think about the hoops most
network marketing companies make
their customers jump through just to

buy their products?

What's up with that?

You have a great product,
that really helps people.

People want what you have...

But let's face reality here people:

Most people DO NOT want

to be in a business.

But, if your product is good, many
will want to purchase it...

The fact is:

Way more people will want to buy your product
that will want to sell your product.

IF you don't make it too difficult.

Think about it...

Say you want some vitamin C or something.

So you go online or to a local store to buy it.

Do they make you pay a "sign up fee" and
buy a "distributor kit" when all you want is

some vitamin C?

Most network marketing companies make

you pay a fee for the "privilege" of buying
their products.

Do they have one price for "distributors"...

Another price for "preferred customers"...

Another price for "retail customers"...

Maybe another price altogether if you're on "autoship"?

Many network marketing companies have prices
all over the board
, you'd need to be a rocket
scientist to figure out your price.

Do you have to be on "autoship" just to even
have the privilege of buying their products?

Is their autoship written in stone, and they

only ship on the 1st of the month, or
sometime at their convenience?

Do you have to buy a certain amount every month
just for the privilege of buying their stuff?

I know one major network marketing company that
you can't even order from them unless you commit
to buy so much a month and be on autoship.

Do you have to buy a case, when you don't want that much?

I know of another major network marketing company
that you have to buy 48 bottles at a time to get a

decent price!

Did these people just come in
the pumpkin patch or what?

Here's the deal...

Most network marketing companies

are NOT customer driven

They are "distributor" driven.


Because most network marketing companies

Nobody is buying their product except
the "distributors"...

And the only reason they're buying them
is to earn a commission on the pyramid
of other people that they hope to "recruit"
into their pyramid...

And the whole deal is just a money game,
because no one is really selling the product
because no one really wants it!

That's why common business sense and
customer service does not prevail in
these companies.

SeaAloe IS customer friendly.

The SeaAloe formula had been a

customer favorite for 14 years.

One product - 14 years.

They must be doing something right!

SeaAloe is a customer driven business.

NO "sign up" fee - ever.

NO "distibutor kit" to buy - ever.

SAME PRICE for customers and distributors.

Auto-Delivery at YOUR CONVENIENCE, not ours.


REAL PEOPLE - real customers, not just SeaAloe distributors,
actually buy SeaAloe.

SeaAloe distributors focus on customers,
not pyramid building.

SeaAloe treats their customers like
they would like to be treated.

A SeaAloe business is a real business for real people.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Business Training

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