Saturday, May 31, 2008

Need More Customers for Your SeaAloe Business?

Get Local Customers with Newspaper Advertising

Most network marketers look everywhere

but their own back yard for business...

I've gone "Diamond" twice with nothing
but local customers and "distributors."

How did I do it?

Local advertising.

Where did I advertise?

Small weekly newspapers.

Don't overlook the keyword here:

Weekly papers.

The big city dailies are too expensive.

But, even worse, they don't deliver
customers the way weeklies do.

Weekly papers just plain work better for this.

And, after you get this working in your own

local area, you can branch out into other
"local" papers all across your state and
then across the country...

You'll never run out of these papers.

Here is a source of many (not all)

weekly publications:

Gebbie Press

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Inc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Can You Do About Gas Prices?

There's nothing to stop gasoline from
hitting $8 - $9 a gallon in the next
12 to 24 months...

How is that going to affect YOUR lifestyle?

The time to DO something about it is NOW.

Once gas hits those price levels...

It'll be too late.

You'll be in such a mess
you can't even imagine.

Because not only will the gas prices
be out of control...

But everything else will too.

Food, taxes, basic necessities…

Protect your family and your assets.

Start a home business TODAY.

Tomorrow may be too late.

I've been doing this for a living since 1999.

SeaAloe is the BEST home business opportunity
available to the general public on the market.

This is not hype or a sales pitch.

This is a fact.

Call SeaAloe or a SeaAloe distributor today.

Your family is depending on you.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor
(225) 218-1469

Save Money on Gas.

Friday, May 16, 2008

SeaAloe Seed Time and Harvest

When Should I Start My SeaAloe Business?

You ever heard the saying:

"Make hay while the sun's shining."?

This is one of those Universal principles
that wise people follow, and broke people

You ever notice that broke people
are always "smarter" than us saps
that work for a living?

Anyway, that's another story.

Most people wait until they
lose their jobs...

Or retire, only to "discover" that
their pension is only gonna last
about 6 months, if that long...

And their "Social Security"

check will just about cover
their gasoline purchases...

(If, they don't take any vacations.)

So these poor folks end up as
greeters at a Wal-Mart store.

My daughter works at a Wal-Mart store.

(She's not a greeter, praise the Lord.)

Did you know that there are THOUSANDS
of applicants for each one of those
greeter jobs...

This is sad, people.

And it could be YOU one day.

So, when is the BEST TIME to
start a SeaAloe business?

The best time is to start it TODAY,
while you still have your job and
are paying your bills.

Then, you can build your second income
leisurely, at your own pace, with NO
pressure on you.

Then, when you need the income,
it's already there.

Build your business when the sun's shining.

It's like God's principle of seed time and harvest.

You ain't gonna have a harvest
until you plant your seeds.

And, the harvest ain't gonna be the
same day you plant your seeds.

Get real folks, this is your life
we're talking about here.

And, your family's.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SeaAloe Marketing 101 - Business Basics

Want to make your SeaAloe business
(or any business for that matter)
grow and prosper?

Then you really need to think about this.

Ben Franklin may have discovered electricity...

But, it was the guy that invented the
electric meter that made all the money.

What's this got to do with your business?

Write this on a stone tablet:

It doesn't matter how awesome your product is.

Doesn't matter if it will grow hair
on the bald and raise the dead...

It's the guy that knows how to market
that's gonna make all the money.

And, unless you're making 10K a month
in your sleep...

You don't know how to market.

(Yet, anyway. You can learn.)


1. Learn how to market.


2. Get in a JV or co-op with someone
that does know how to market.

You can have a business that
pays you for life, if...

IF, you treat it like a business.

Just go do it.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Business Man

Friday, May 9, 2008

What My SeaAloe Business Means to Me

I earn my living with my SeaAloe business.

And it's a good living, praise the Lord.

And, I'm blessed that it only takes me about
two or three hours a WEEK to tend to it.

And, it’s a portable business.

All I need is my lap top and cell phone
and my “office” is set up if I need it.

My wife recently got promoted at her job.

She's now the "human resources" person.

When I say "the", I mean "the only".

It's a big billion-dollar company
with offices all over the world.

So now she has to travel some.

My wife is a small-town girl who has
never really traveled other than the
vacations we take together as a family.

(Again, thanks to SeaAloe!)

So anyway, traveling to all these far-away

big cities is sort of intimidating to her.

So, here's what my SeaAloe business means to me:

I'm able to go with her when she has to go out of town.

And I have the TIME and the MONEY
and the FREEDOM to do it.

It costs a good bit - I have to pay my own way,
airline tickets, meals, etc...

And, of course we do a lot more things while
out of town together than she would probably
do if she was by herself.

It means a LOT to her that I'm able to go with her.

And, it means a lot to me that I'm able to.

You should build your SeaAloe business.

It may mean a lot to someone you love.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Inc.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SeaAloe Business Solutions

The Problem With Network Marketing

Problem #1:
Most people can't sell.

Problem #2:
Most people try to sell a
selling business to people
that can't sell.

Problem #3:
Even if you happen to sell
a selling business to
someone who can't sell...

Where does that leave you?

It leaves you with Problem #4.

Problem #4:
Someone in your downline with Problem #1

This is the vicious cycle of Network Marketing.

The blind leading the blind.

Well, I have some good news for you today:

Sometimes even a blind hog finds an acorn.

Enter SeaAloe...

Solution #1:
A business with a product
that people really want.

Solution #2:
A business where it is possible to earn a
substantial income without ever sponsoring
a single distributor if you don't want to.

(All I have is customers in my business.)

Solution #3:
A business plan that teaches you how

to get in front of people that want your
product and will buy it.

Solution #4:
A SeaAloe business.

You can get started doing this today.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Try a
bottle of SeaAloe today.

If the product doesn't make sense,
the business won't either.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Don't Define Yourself by What You're NOT

If you're not a telemarketer,
don't try to be one.

If you're not a public speaker,
don't try to be one.

If you don't have a strong "circle of influence,"
don't think you're gonna get one by striking
up conversations with strangers in the mall.

If you're not a skilled marketer,
don't delude yourself into thinking
you're gonna get rich in business
without something changing.

Now, if you are skilled at any of the above,
go do it, because these methods do work.

But, if you're not...

And you try them anyway,
don't punish yourself if
they don't work out.

If you want to make money in ANY business,
you need to LEARN HOW.

And, teaching housewives how to
send spam is NOT a business.

The best way to make money in your
network marketing business is to
find someone who is already making
the kind of money you want to make...

And, is doing it in a way
that you could do it too.

And, is willing to teach you.

My point is this...

You get into a network marketing business
and you do not have success...

You think you "failed"...

But, nobody told you that you were really
going to be an unpaid and untrained

Or, that you had to go to the mall
and hit on strangers...

Or that you had to (already be) be a

skilled 21st century Internet Marketer.

So, don't think YOU failed...

"Don't define yourself by what you're NOT."

You're NOT a telemarketer.

You're NOT gonna spend your nights and
weekends accosting strangers at the mall.

You're not (already) a skilled marketer.

But, you can connect with a skilled marketer.

Get someone that's doing what
you want to do to teach you
how to do it.

Then, you can have the success
that you want and deserve.

That is the solution.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Seasilver is now SeaAloe

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Next Billion Dollar Company

Why are just about all new MLM companies touted
as the "next billion dollar company"?

Does it really matter if the company
does a billion dollars or not?

Isn't the important question:

"How much are YOU gonna make?"

You can stay broke in a billion dollar
company just as easy as in a million
dollar company...

And, you can make great money in a
million dollar company just as easy as

you can in a billion dollar company...

Maybe easier.

So, when the guy calls you pitching
his "next billion dollar" company...

Ask him how much he's making.

Ask him what he's doing to get a piece
of that "billion dollar" company other
than calling up strangers with that
useless sales projection.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributors

Friday, May 2, 2008

Living Foods Health Food Store

Living Foods carries SeaAloe
(the original

Living Foods
3033 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 346-1886

Living Foods Health Food Store
in Baton Rouge, LA was my first
local customer.

Living Foods is a landmark in Baton Rouge.

Family owned and operated...

Personal service...

They know your name.

That sort of "old-fashioned" stuff.

Living Foods has a LOT of loyal
customers that know them, like
them, and trust them.

Living Foods has customers that
I would never meet myself in two

lifetimes or more...

Customers that I would
never find myself.

People that want and need SeaAloe
but otherwise would not know where
to find it.

So Living Foods and I entered
into a WIN-WIN "partnership".

They have access to a great product.

And I have local customers that
I've never met and most likely
never will meet.

This is networking.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

SeaAloe Inc.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

SeaAloe Distributor Finding People Interested In Worm Farms

Worm Farm Entrepreneurs

I'm getting hits every day on my blog from

people searching for worm farms.

This must be big business.

Are people searching for your business?

Why not?

Can they find you if they do search?

Why not?

Do you know how to get found?

Why not?

These are important questions if you
are serious about making money in

a business.

I suggest you start asking these questions,
and do something about the answers.

People find me if they search for

They also seem to find me if they search for worm farms.


Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

The Original Seasilver Formula