Sunday, May 4, 2008

Don't Define Yourself by What You're NOT

If you're not a telemarketer,
don't try to be one.

If you're not a public speaker,
don't try to be one.

If you don't have a strong "circle of influence,"
don't think you're gonna get one by striking
up conversations with strangers in the mall.

If you're not a skilled marketer,
don't delude yourself into thinking
you're gonna get rich in business
without something changing.

Now, if you are skilled at any of the above,
go do it, because these methods do work.

But, if you're not...

And you try them anyway,
don't punish yourself if
they don't work out.

If you want to make money in ANY business,
you need to LEARN HOW.

And, teaching housewives how to
send spam is NOT a business.

The best way to make money in your
network marketing business is to
find someone who is already making
the kind of money you want to make...

And, is doing it in a way
that you could do it too.

And, is willing to teach you.

My point is this...

You get into a network marketing business
and you do not have success...

You think you "failed"...

But, nobody told you that you were really
going to be an unpaid and untrained

Or, that you had to go to the mall
and hit on strangers...

Or that you had to (already be) be a

skilled 21st century Internet Marketer.

So, don't think YOU failed...

"Don't define yourself by what you're NOT."

You're NOT a telemarketer.

You're NOT gonna spend your nights and
weekends accosting strangers at the mall.

You're not (already) a skilled marketer.

But, you can connect with a skilled marketer.

Get someone that's doing what
you want to do to teach you
how to do it.

Then, you can have the success
that you want and deserve.

That is the solution.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Seasilver is now SeaAloe

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