Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Truth on MLM and Worm Farming

Why do otherwise sensible people get into
a network marketing business and toss all
common sense out the window?

They want to make $20,000.00 a month,
but don't want to do what it takes to

make $200 a month...

They want to make $20,000.00 a month
but don't want to order any products.

They want to make $20,000.00 a month
but don't want to sell anything...

They want to make $20,000.00 a month
but don't want to invest in advertising...

They want to make $20,000.00 a month
but don't want to invest anything in
their business...

Yet, I imagine they DO want someone else
to do all these things...

Network Marketing is a business just like
a snowball stand or a health food store.

The only way to make money in any business
is to sell products or services.

The ONLY way.

Check the classified ads in your local paper...

Look at the "Business Opportunities."

See what other business opportunities are out there...

See how much they cost.

A snowball stand costs $10,000.00 to $20,000.00.

You think the guy selling snowballs

is earning $20,000.00 a month?

My lawn maintenance guy told me

his lawn mower costs $11,000.00...

And he has two of them on his trailer
(that cost a couple thousand)...

And lots of weed eaters and stuff also.

Probably has at least $30,000.00 or more invested.

To cut grass...

In the hot sun..

(And you think you got it tough,
got to place some ads and

stuff like that... )

You think the guy cutting your grass
is earning $20,000.00 a month?

Do they advertise those worm farming kits in your newspaper?

$3,000.00+ will put you in the worm growing business.

They even advertise those things in the USA Today.

That's because people are buying them!

I've yet to meet a worm rancher

making $20,000.00 per month.

I actually talked with a fellow that bought one,
and is trying to make a go of it...

I asked him how it was going...

He said the worm market was "depressed right now".

The guy does look at the big picture,
I'll sure give him that.

The magic of MLM is that you don't have
to invest very much, and you don't have
to sell very much and you don't have to

grow worms.

But you do have to sell something,
or else are you really in business?

How much do you need to sell?

Well, at least as much as it takes
to earn commissions on your sales
force (downline and customers).

Which is not very much, no matter
what product you're marketing.

For more information on How to Sell
Your MLM Products, check out:

The Cash Flow Strategy

The bottom line is...

There is no other business with the
ease of entry, and as low investment,
where you possibly earn as much money
as you can in network marketing.

So your first step when you "open the doors"
to your new network marketing business is
to just find enough customers to buy your
monthly order from you.

That's all.

Then, everything else will fall into place.

Mike Stokes
(225) 366-0731
Baton Rouge, LA

Mike Stokes is a "full-time" Solopreneur

who is blessed to have learned how to
earn a great living marketing high-demand
products on the Internet, from home or
while traveling, boating or camping.

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