Monday, April 21, 2008

MLM or Network Marketing?


1. You join a "program"

2. You call up friends and strangers and pitch
them on getting rich in your new deal.

(You have NEVER personally sold any of your product
or even made a dime of profit, but the product "sells itself,"

"everybody needs it," so-and-so made $23,000.00 her
first month, and she's a 19 year old day care worker...)


1. You buy in to a legitimate distributorship.

2. You learn how to market and make money
from someone who is actually doing it.

3. You get a few customers that

actually purchase your product.

4. You get into positive
cash flow.

5. You begin recruiting a "sales force" of people
that want to make extra or full-time income with
a legitimate home-based business.

Think I'll go the Network Marketing route myself.

Mike Stokes Media Group
SeaAloe Distributors

(The Original Seasilver Formula)

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