Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Has MLM Quit Working For Most People?

MLM is a great business model.

And, it used to work great!

That was back when people actually had a

great product to bring to the marketplace
and they actually marketed a product.

What has MLM evolved into now?

Well, what did your upline tell you to do
in the last business you got into, or

maybe you're still in it now?

Let me guess...

Get some leads and call them and tell them
you can show them how to get wealthy...

Get some "time and money freedom"...

(You haven't even gotten your product yet,
and you're supposed to tell your friends
and family how great this all is?)

Do you have any time and money freedom now?

Does your upline have any?

So why are so few people achieving this
time and money freedom that everyone

in MLM talks about?

Well, maybe it's because MLM has for the most part
evolved into a telemarketing "business".

You know any telemarketers with

any "time and money freedom"?

All the telemarketers I know go to a job everyday
and work for about $8.00 an hour.

Oops, except for the telemarketers that
"own their own" MLM business.

They're going in the hole telemarketing.

They may as well go get a part-time job
at a real telemarketing business.

At least they'd make $8 and hour,
and not have to buy their leads.

So, does this about sum it up:

1. A guy or gal called you on the phone (telemarketed you).

2. Sold you on the DREAM of "buying your life back", "being
your own boss", getting some "time and money freedom."

3. Then, told you to buy some leads, and call them
(they call that telemarketing) and SELL THEM on
this idea of "buying your life back", "being your own

boss", getting some "time and money freedom."

Now I may not be the sharpest guy around, but to me,
this sounds like a "business" of telemarketing...

Selling a telemarketing business to people

that don't want to be telemarketers...

Getting them to sell a telemarketing business
to the next set of folks that didn't really want

to be telemarketers either.


It's almost enough to confuse a politician.

So, you get in this so-called "business"...

You don't know how to make a dime...

And you're supposed to start right out calling
your friends and family to get them into the
scheme along with you...

And you have people talking about
the "NFL Club" (No Friends Left)...

Gee, I wonder why.

This doesn't even make sense folks.

Note to All Telemarketers:

Please don't get me wrong...

If you happen to BE a telemarketer,
then this business model WILL work
very well for YOU.

It's all the OTHER folks that
it WON'T work for.

How about a REAL BUSINESS scenario?

You get into a real business distributorship,
with a real product, that real people actually
want and buy.

You learn how to make money legitimately,
from someone that is actually marketing
a real product, and not calling people up
to join a telemarketing pyramid.

Make a profit with your own business,
before you bring in more people.

If you can't make any money with your business,
why would you want to pass this mess on to
someone else?

Does that make any sense?

The SeaAloe product is a product that people
seek out and purchase every day.

The SeaAloe business opportunity
is a business that makes sense.

1. Order a case of SeaAloe and get some customers first.

2. Then, after you are making a profit in your business,
that is the time to expand your business and bring in
new marketing affiliates.

You have an honest business to show them.

Not a telemarketing scheme where no one but
the guys in the ads are making any money.

SeaAloe business is a REAL BUSINESS

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

Order a bottle of SeaAloe and see what a real business is like.

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