Saturday, March 29, 2008

The SeaAloe Auto-Ship Program

SeaAloe Auto-Delivery is for YOUR convenience,
not ours...

How is the SeaAloe auto-ship (or auto-delivery)
UNIQUE and TOTALLY BETTER than any other

in the entire industry?

Good question.

Here's the answer, plain and simple:

If you've ever been involved with network marketing,
either as a customer or as a distributor, you're most
likely familiar with "auto-ship" or "auto delivery."

You also may have noticed, that in just about
every other network marketing company that

offers autoship (and that would be ALL of them)...

The auto-ship is set up for the convenience
of the company, NOT YOURS.

You HAVE TO get a set amount of product each
and every month, WHETHER YOU NEED IT or


(And it's just about ALWAYS MORE


You HAVE TO be on auto-ship in order to get
a decent price on your products.

You HAVE TO get your product on the SAME DAY
every month, WHETHER YOU NEED IT or NOT.

Wouldn't you just like to be able to pick up
the phone, and call the company and say,

"Hey, I don't need my case of product on the
first this month, please move my auto-ship
back to the 22nd of the month."

Why is that?

I think it's because most network marketing
companies do not have REAL CUSTOMERS,

they only have "distributors" buying their
products to qualify for commissions.

(They don't really want the products.)

So, they don't have to have a "customer service
mentality" or focus.

SeaAloe is different...

SeaAloe has REAL CUSTOMERS who actually buy
the product because they actually want it.

And, SeaAloe treats their customers like
they want and deserve to be treated...

Not like an inconvenience to be tolerated
but not catered to.

And that is good.

While having a regularly scheduled auto-ship date
works fine for business building distributors...

Customers have their own needs and priorities.

Auto delivery should be a convenience to the customer,
not a "requirement" or burden.

And, the customer should be REWARDED

for being on auto-delivery, and not penalized
for not being on it.

Customize Your Auto-Delivery

YOU DECIDE the shipping interval according to YOUR usage.

You want us to ship your order every month?


Every 28 days?
Every 90 days?
Once a year?

OK, whatever you want.

You want the flexibility to change
your shipping interval whenever
you want or need to?


You need your order sooner?


You need your order later?


You need to cancel?

OK. No problem.

Just call...

NO hassles.
NO paperwork to mail or fax in.
NO waiting period.
NO penalties.
NO nothing.

Just whatever YOU want,

whenever YOU need it.

It's as flexible as YOU need it to be.

SeaAloe will even send you a reminder by email

3 days before your auto-delivery processes just
in case you need to make any changes...

No surprises here.

You want to be REWARDED for your product loyalty?


SeaAloe rewards your loyalty with FREE SeaAloe.

It just doesn't make any sense not
to be on SeaAloe Auto-Delivery.

Be sure to ask about SeaAloe's Auto-Delivery Program
the next time you call.


Mike Stokes
(888) 937-7103
(800) 732-1150 Ext. 1

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