Monday, March 31, 2008

SeaAloe Business Tip: Are You Set Up To Receive?

Are You Set Up To Receive?

We all want our SeaAloe business to take off,
don't we?

But, are you ready if it does take off?

And orders start pouring in today?

1. Do you have a PayPal account so that
you can accept credit card payments?

You will get a LOT MORE sales if you can
take credit cards. In fact, you will LOSE
a LOT of sales if you can't.

2. Do you have shipping supplies to ship SeaAloe
when you get orders for your personal inventory?

What you will need to be set up to ship is:

- Flat-Rate USPS Priority Mail shipping boxes (Free from the USPS)
- USPS Priority Mail Shipping Labels (Free from the USPS)
- USPS Delivery Confirmation Tags (Free from the USPS)
- Packing "peanuts"
- Packing tape

3.Do you have Brochures and CDs with your

contact informationon them to hand out,
and to put in all of your packages,
and for information packs?

You need to spread these things around...

And never, I mean never, give out a piece
of literature or information that doesn't
have YOUR name and contact info on it.

4.Do you have business cards?

(You're not really in business if
you don't have business cards.)

5. Do you have your own domain
name for your SeaAloe website?

Your SeaAloe website is your storefront.

You need YOUR name on it.

6. Do you have a SeaAloe customer follow-up system?

Whenever you make a sale, you should send a Thank You note
to your customer. You can either send a post card, or a
pre-printed letter with your business card and a brochure.

7. Do you have a SeaAloe customer database system?

I just use 4X6 index cards, and put all of my customer's
contact information, order history, follow-up notes, etc.
on them and keep them in an alpha-sorted file box.

If you're hi-tech, you could do this on your computer.

8. Do you have a bookkeeping system set up
for your SeaAloe business?

If you don't, can you really be in business?

You can get a FREE SeaAloe Business Bookkeeping System at:

FREE Home Business Bookkeeping System

9. Do you have invoices for when health food stores or
other businesses purchase SeaAloe from you directly?

Individuals don't necessarily need an invoice,
but a business does.

10. Do you have sufficient SeaAloe inventory
on hand so that when a customer orders SeaAloe
from you, you can fulfill the order immediately?

We're living in a microwave society now,
people won't wait for things. You can lose
sales if you can't deliver immediately.

11. Do you have a file cabinet or box?

A real business generates records:

- Receipts
- Correspondence
- Documents
- Invoices
- Bonus Statements
- Accounting records
- Tax files
- And so on...

Plus, you need a place to keep your
brochures and things like that...

You want all of your business stuff
in one place.

A file box or "box office" they are sometimes
called will do for most home businesses.

This is a portable file storage box
that will fit under your desk.

And, you can toss it in your car when
you head to the beach or mountains for
a couple of weeks if you want to keep
up with your business while vacationing.

With your laptop, cell phone and file box,
you have a "portable empire."

So, are you really in business?

Or, are you just pretending to be?

Get the stuff on the list and start making money
with your SeaAloe business.

Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

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