Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SeaAloe Retail Royalties: REAL Residual Income

Do you want to build a home based business that
will keep on paying you after you've built it?

Want a steady flow of checks into your mailbox?

Want to build a LOCAL group of
"outlets" for your products?

Want to build a LOCAL team of distributors?

Want to teach your team how
to "Earn While They Learn"?

Want to meet NEW people and bring them
into your "Circle of Influence" who would
NEVER have responded to your "Biz Opp" ad?

A good SeaAloe Retail System can do
ALL of the above and MORE.

==> FACT: There are way fewer people who
will SELL a product than USE it.

==> FACT: 97% of the people you enroll into
your program will only by product users.

Here's a simple philosophy for building
a solid business from the ground up...

If done correctly, the following activities
will produce positive results.

Getting back to the basics,
this is all you need to do:

1. Sell Product.

2. Recruit Distributors.

3. Teach New Distributors How
to Sell Product FIRST.

4. Then, Teach New Distributors
How to Recruit New Distributors
and Teach THEM
How to Sell Product and
Recruit New Distributors.

Now, I don't think I've revealed any state secrets here...

This is just a simple Plan of Action that does work...


IF it is implemented in a fertile environment...

You see, no matter how good your plan is,
you MUST have a SYSTEM that ties it all

==> What good is it to spend your money
advertising with ads that are not PROVEN
to work?

==> What good is it to have prospects
contacting you if you do not have a
proven system or process to put
them through?

==> What good is it to build a sales
force, or recruit new distributors, if
you do not have a proven system
to get your new people into profit

==> What good is ALL OF THE ABOVE
if you do not have a proven company that
not only provides a proven product, but
also provides a compensation structure
that rewards you fairly for your efforts?

Don't take a chance with your future...

Partner up with a PROVEN TEAM
with a PROVEN system.
A SeaAloe business is the ANSWER.

Got questions?

Need help?

Call me.

Mike Stokes
(225) 366-0731
"Customers Delivered"

Who is Mike Stokes anyway?


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