Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Retailing SeaAloe: How to Make a LOT of Money

How to Make a LOT of Money Retailing SeaAloe
By: Mike Stokes

How do you build a HUGE Nature's Liquids SeaAloe retail business?

You do it ONE customer at a time.

You do it EVERY DAY.

You have an ad in a weekly newspaper PERMANENTLY.

You put out a flyer EVERY DAY.

You do “conversational” marketing…

If you will only LISTEN, people are
CONSTANTLY telling you their needs!

People ALWAYS talk about themselves,
and their NEEDS!

You must provide your customers with a


(SeaAloe fills this order perfectly.)

You need to look a “Customer Acquisition”

In other words…

You run a product ad for a month,
it costs you $60.

You send out 20 Info Packs,
it costs you $40.

You sell two products and make $30 profit.

Your thinking, “Geez, I can go broke doing this!”

NOT true…

You now have two happy customers that may send you
a check EVERY month from now till Kingdom come...

(SeaAloe has a very high re-order rate. )
In six months this INVESTMENT is paying off big time.

The fact is, SeaAloe distributors have an almost
unfair advantage over people who are trying to
market other "me-too" products.

And, because you gave GOOD value on
a GREAT product to begin with,
your customer TRUSTS you.

You do this MONTH in and MONTH out,
and before you know it…

You’re getting checks in the mail EVERY DAY
whether you’re running an ad or not!

I've got customers mailing me a check
every month that I haven't spoken to or

laid eyes on in OVER EIGHT YEARS!

And I don't even sell the same product
that they started buying from me eight
years ago...

They buy WHATEVER I sell!

Because they trust me to only
carry an excellent product -

Like SeaAloe.

But, NOW you see how this works…

So you ARE still running those product ads…


And, we haven’t even mentioned the referrals
you can get from your happy customers…

Nor have we mentioned ALL of the NEW people
that are coming in to your Warm Market…

There a MORE people out there that will respond
to a PRODUCT Ad than will EVER respond to a
Business Opportunity ad…

And, SOME of these folks could use a couple

of hundred EXTRA DOLLARS a month.


And, think about this…

What if EVERY person in your group was doing this?
Checks would be getting bigger…

Excitement would be rising…

And so on…

Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA


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