Monday, February 25, 2008

The SeaAloe Bottle a Day Program

How would you like to find a home based business
that will keep on paying you month-in and
month-out from now on?

How would you like to finally, do the work
one time and keep on getting paid?

These things don't usually grow on trees,
but the SeaAloe business opportunity
is providing just such an opportunity right now.

MLM distributors come and go...

But happy customers will stay with you forever.


"It's easier to sponsor a happy customer
than it is to recruit a complete stranger."

Here's a very simple plan that can get you
more business and more income security
than 98% of all people in network marketing
will EVER get in a million years...

By placing one bottle of SeaAloe a day,
with a qualified "prospect", here's an
example of what could happen:

With a "closing" ratio of just 1 out of 5
people that you place a bottle with,
here's what you could expect:

Place 5 bottles a week = 1 personal customer.

50 weeks of placements = 50 personal customers.

(98% of ALL the people in MLM will NEVER have
50 customers in there entire MLM careers.)

50 personal customers re-ordering regularly
makes for a VERY NICE extra income.

Want to accelerate this plan?

How about calling on your
local health food stores?

How about showing a few of your
happy customers how to do this?

How about teaching your organization
how to do this?

A SeaAloe business is a REAL business,
NOT a recruiting PYRAMID like most
MLM "deals" people call you about.

SeaAloe: A REAL Business for REAL People.

SeaAloe Business Information

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

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