Monday, January 26, 2009

Do Not Buy MLM Leads

SeaAloe Business Tip: Do Not Buy MLM Leads

In case you haven’t already noticed,
just about everyone wants you to buy
their MLM "opportunity" leads.

You should never need to buy a lead.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the
biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make.

The reason is this.

When you purchase a lead, there is no guarantee
that he or she will even be interested in what you

have to say.

It’s like cold calling, but you’re not just
wasting your time, you’re wasting your

hard earned money as well.

So for example, if you’re selling information

on how to gamble at casinos to win and you
purchase a lead that doesn’t believe in gambling...

They’re not going to be interested in what you have to say.

So you don’t have a sale.

Sure you might purchase enough that you get a few
here and there who are actually interested in what
you’re selling, but you’re still losing money.

Think about it.

Is it really worth spending hundreds of dollars
for one or two sales that may only be worth

half of what it cost you in the first place?

With the economy in shambles and everyone
pinching pennies where they can, it’s hard
to say yes unless you just love the idea of

losing money.

Instead of spending money on a lead that’s probably
going to be a waste of your time and hard earned money,
try doing a little research and learn how to attract a
potential sale by using a program like Magnetic Sponsoring.

It’s the easiest way to find a lead without
cold calling or spending hundreds of dollars.

Magnetic Sponsoring is like no other marketing system out there.

They don’t tell you to buy MLM leads.

As a matter of fact, they warn against it.

Now what other program does that?

Instead, they tell you how to attract a lead
so you don’t have to do the dirty work.

Life is not about wasting time.

We should be living each and everyday to the most,
whether it is in work or in play.

Stop wasting your time and make the most of your life.

You deserve it.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

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