Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Build Your SeaAloe Business Online

The best way to build any business is offline –
person to person.

That being said, a great way to find more people
to talk to about your business in addition to the
people you know and meet locally, is online.

And, there are plenty of free ways to get your business
message out there on the world wide web, without
having to be a rocket scientist or a teenager…

(You need to know that I am most likely the most
technologically challenged person you will ever know.)

This is just a few of the free ways I use to get
the word out about

1. This blog that you are reading now is free.

SeaAloe Distributor Training and Information
It is also very simple to set up. Look up to the
upper right-hand corner of this page, where it
says, “Create Blog”. Just click on that and
follow the directions.

2. Set up a Squidoo “lens.” I don’t know why
they call them “lenses”, they are just web pages.
See one of my SeaAloe lens at –
SeaAloe on Squidoo

3. Set up a Hub Page. It’s another very user-friendly
and free web page that you can set up. You can see
one of my Hub Pages at –
The Power of Liquid Vitamin Supplements

4. You can write articles and publish them on
Ezine Articles.

These are four of the easiest, free and among
the most powerful things you can do for your
business online.

Mike Stokes
SeaAloe Distributor

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