Thursday, October 30, 2008

SeaAloe Reacts to Economic Turmoil

SeaAloe ( ) appreciates the dedication
of our Customers and Distributors and is very aware that in these
potentially troubling economic times, every dollar matters.

We also know that when you decide to add something as vital
as SeaAloe to your daily health regimen, or decide to participate
in one SeaAloe’s Distributorship opportunities, those decisions
require a great degree of confidence in stability and future of SeaAloe.

Therefore, we appreciate the opportunity to give our Customers,
Distributors and the public an overview of the state of SeaAloe, Inc.

SeaAloe is a privately held company and relies on no stock
transactions or equity for any funding or capital whatsoever.

SeaAloe is 100% debt free, and relies on no credit, flooring,
advances or consignments. The SeaAloe product is paid for in
full at the time of manufacture and there is (currently and
always) finished, bottled, paid for and ready to ship inventory
on hand to meet 4-8 weeks of sales needs.

SeaAloe can be reached for orders, questions or support
M-F 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific at 1-800-732-1150.

SeaAloe employs only professionals, no outsourcing or 3rd parties,
and the average customer service employee or supervisor has
5+ years experience with Liquid Nutritional Supplements.

All of the outside suppliers SeaAloe relies upon (packaging
materials, bottles, printers, raw materials, etc.) have been
in business for 20+ years, and several key suppliers have been
in business for 40-50 years. All are stable companies with
established, reliable track records.

All overhead expenses, such as shipping bills, data and
telephone services, etc. are paid in full immediately,
with no revolving or long-term balances.

As part of the wellness industry, SeaAloe fills a need that
America will never be without, and as people live longer,
as stress and health care uncertainty rise, and the foundational
benefits of good nutrition continue to make headlines,
our industry grows daily.

This legendary formulation has become part of people’s lives
over the last 15 years, and continues to grow in popularity.

SeaAloe has seen an increase in daily sales for each of
the last 3 months, bucking the national retail trends.

Additionally, long term numbers are just as solid,
as 2008 year-to-date sales outpace figures from
Jan - Oct 2007.

While the past and present look great, we are
pleased to foresee an even better future!

We’ve recently launched many marketing expansion programs,
including nationwide Radio, Direct Mail, Print ads, and
we have TV advertising in pre-production for launch in
the first quarter of 2009.

For those of you in the Southeast, you can meet many of
the Executives and Leaders of SeaAloe at our upcoming
Success Seminar in Charlotte, NC on Jan 23-25.

Details are here:

SeaAloe thanks you for your continued support, and appreciates
the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives
now and for many years to come!

Matt Paddock

CEO, SeaAloe Inc

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